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I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and am currently serving couples. I use The Gottman Method for couples counseling that was created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. The philosophy behind the method and approach to couples therapy includes a comprehensive assessment of the couple's relationship and integrates research-based interventions. I work with a variety of relationship and communication issues including reconnecting with your partner, relieving the hurt caused by betrayals and/or affairs, loneliness, depression, anxiety, divorce and LGBTQIA+ issues.

I care about your well-being and by utilizing The Gottman Method's therapeutic approach, I provide hope to struggling couples. My services include weekly counseling sessions, premarital counseling and intensive couples therapy.


Couples Therapy

Reconnect with each other

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

I use the Gottman Method of couples therapy in all therapy sessions. The Gottman Method was created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman.  The philosophy behind the method and approach to couples therapy includes a thorough assessment of the couple's relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory.  

Couples Therapy

I proudly serve any and all couples, including LGBTQIA+ relationships. I have completed the Level 3 Gottman Method Couples Therapy training and am currently enrolled in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Certification Track. I guide couples every step of the way and implement various methods to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters. 

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If you are interested in seeing your relationship grow, feel free to contact Rebecca Caskey, LMHC at 352-464-1076


Get to Know Me

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH 15937) through the state of Florida and am currently serving all types of couples. My first name is Rebecca, however I go by "Becky." I hold degrees from the University of Florida and Webster University, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I have lived in Colorado, California, Key West, FL, Citrus County, FL and now in Clermont, FL where I reside with my husband.  I am a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional and have completed the Level 3 Gottman Method training in couples counseling. I am currently in The Gottman Method certification track. 

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Help Center

You Ask - I Answer

Have a question you’d like to ask? I’m committed to giving patients the best care and experience I can. There’s no such thing as a bad question when it comes to mental health. Check out the answers to the FAQs below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions.

Can you describe your therapeutic style?

Along with the research based integrative approach used with The Gottman Method, I also incorporate an eclectic style of therapy that is multi-modal in intervention. Therapeutic styles include Talk Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Do I have to come to your office for sessions?

No. I am currently located at 600 S Main Ave. in Minneola, FL.  However, you do not have to always be present for your session.  I currently offer Telehealth appointments through Simple Practice.  As I take your privacy very seriously,  Simple Practice implements state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. As a result, Simple Practice complies with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

How long does each therapy session last?

Couples therapy will begin with 3 separate assessment sessions.  Assessment sessions will consist of one joint couples session (90 minutes) and two individual sessions with each partner (50 minutes).  These assessment sessions will help formulate the best treatment protocol for your relationship. Once the assessment is complete, the following therapy appointments can range from 50 minutes to two hours in length.

Do you take insurance and what are your self-pay fees?

I currently accept United Health Care, Optum Health Care, UMR, Aetna and several EAP plans.  Self-pay is $240 for the initial diagnostic assessment, that also requires a $39 Gottman Relationship Checkup assessment.  Therapy rates are per unit of time.  Sessions that last 50 minutes are $140,  90 minute therapy appointments are $210 and two hour therapy appointments are $280. Intensive Therapy appointments can range from three to six hours and will vary in pricing.  Call, email or text for pricing inquiries and to see if Intensive therapy is right for you and your partner.

Do you write ESA Letters?

Yes, however Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letters are written on a case by case basis.  Consultation and evaluation are required to identify if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter. Evaluations and assessments to determine ESA qualifying criteria include The WHODAS 2.0 (World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0) and The Emotional Support Animal Letter Checklist provided by The National Board of Forensic Evaluators, Inc. The initial ESA consultation/evaluation cost is $180 and if approved, ESA letters are $175 each (Housing or TSA).

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